Zenbots.ai is a fully automated AI chatbot designed to integrate with Zendesk Guides3.
ID: 258
Key Benefit: eamless integration with Zendesk Guides, Instant access to documentation, Streamlined customer support operations.
Pricing Plan: Paid
Zenbots.ai is a fully automated Zendesk AI Chatbot, designed to provide instant access to documentation and streamline customer support operations3.

Key Features:
Seamless integration with Zendesk Guides
Instant access to documentation
Streamlined customer support operations

Zenbots.ai is a fully automated AI chatbot that integrates seamlessly with your Zendesk Guides. It provides instant access to documentation, streamlining customer support operations3. It’s simple to set up and ready to use in just under 24 hours3.

  1. Visit the Zenbots.ai website.
  2. Follow the instructions to integrate with Zendesk Guides.
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