AI-Media is an innovative platform that combines AI-powered automatic captions with human curation for live and recorded content
ID: 354
Key Benefit: Unmatched accuracy and reliability, seamless integration into your workflow, and comprehensive encoder technology for end-to-end captioning solutions.
Pricing Plan: Free
AI-Media leverages both AI and human expertise to deliver high-quality captions for various media formats

Key Features:
AI-powered automatic captions.
Human curation for quality assurance.
End-to-end captioning solutions.

AI-Media revolutionizes captioning by blending AI-generated captions with human oversight. Whether it’s live events or recorded content, this tool ensures accurate and accessible captions for a diverse audience.

  1. Visit the AI-Media website.
  2. Upload your content (live or recorded).
  3. Let the AI generate initial captions.
  4. Human editors refine and enhance the captions.
  5. Embed the captions in your content.
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