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mentor: AI for achieving your goals.

mentor is an AI-powered goal management tool that guides users toward their ambitions
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Key Benefit: Unlock your full potential, personalized guidance, and progress tracking.
Pricing Plan: Free
mentor breaks down complex goals into manageable tasks, providing a clear path to success.

Key Features:
Revamped goal creation process.
Main dashboard for milestones.
Enhanced milestone view with resources.
Direct messaging with mentor.
Timely guidance and progress tracking.
Customizable goals and tasks.
User-friendly interface.

mentor v2 is your digital mentor, helping you set and achieve goals. It offers revamped goal creation, milestone tracking, direct messaging, and customizable tasks. Whether it’s personal growth or professional projects, mentor keeps you on track.

  1. Visit the mentor website.
  2. Create a new goal.
  3. Follow the guided steps to break it down into milestones.
  4. Customize tasks and add personal notes.
  5. Receive real-time guidance and notifications.
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mentor: AI for achieving your goals.

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