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Resume Worded is an AI-powered platform that provides tailored feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile1.
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Key Benefit: Improves resumes and LinkedIn profiles, provides tailored feedback, designed by top recruiters, helps land more interviews and job offers1.
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Resume Worded leverages AI to provide instant feedback on resumes and LinkedIn profiles. It’s designed by top recruiters and trusted by over a million job seekers around the world. The platform helps users optimize their resumes and LinkedIn profiles to increase their chances of landing job interviews and offers1.

Key Features
Instant Resume Review
Resume Samples
Resume Targeting
LinkedIn Optimization1

Imagine having a personal career coach who specializes in resume and LinkedIn profile optimization. That’s what Resume Worded offers. This AI-powered platform, designed by top recruiters, provides tailored feedback on your resume and LinkedIn profile, helping you land more interviews and job offers. It’s like having a secret weapon in your job search. With Resume Worded, you’re not just sending out resumes; you’re strategically targeting opportunities with precision-crafted applications. It’s trusted by over a million job seekers worldwide, making it a go-to resource for career advancement1.

  1. Visit the Resume Worded website.
  2. Choose the service you need (e.g., Resume Review, LinkedIn Review).
  3. Upload your resume or LinkedIn profile.
  4. Receive instant, AI-powered feedback.
  5. Implement the suggested changes to improve your resume or LinkedIn profile1
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