Otter AI

Otter AI is an AI-driven transcription and note-taking tool.
ID: 270
Key Benefit: Real-time transcription, searchable notes, collaboration-friendly.
Pricing Plan: Free Trail
Otter AI emerged from the need to capture spoken content accurately.

Key Features:
Real-time transcription
Highlighting and tagging
Integration with calendar apps
Secure cloud storage

Otter AI turns spoken words into written text. Whether you’re attending a conference or conducting interviews, Otter AI records and transcribes everything. Its smart features include speaker identification and keyword tagging. Plus, you can share and collaborate on your notes seamlessly.

  1. Install the Otter AI app on your device
  2. Start a recording during meetings or interviews
  3. Review and edit the transcribed text
  4. Share with colleagues or save for future reference
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Otter AI

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