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Addy AI is an AI-powered email assistant designed to optimize email management and communication45.
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Key Benefit: Automates email responses, Multilingual, Can be trained to respond in your brand’s voice.
Pricing Plan: Free
Addy AI uses cutting-edge AI technology to analyze email contexts and suggest relevant responses. It’s multilingual and can be trained to respond in your brand’s voice, making it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes and industries45.

Key Features:
Automates email responses
Can be trained to respond in your brand’s voice

Ever wished for an assistant to handle your emails? Meet Addy AI, your personal email assistant. It’s like having a secretary who knows your style and tone, and writes emails just the way you would. From drafting replies to summarizing long threads, Addy AI does it all. It’s not just an email tool, it’s your personal communication expert45.

  1. Sign up on the Addy AI platform.
  2. Train Addy AI to understand your writing style.
  3. Let Addy AI handle your emails.
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addy ai

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