Vetted is your personal AI shopping agent, investigating price history, product reviews, and brand reputation.
ID: 285
Key Benefit: Never overpay with price tracking, discover the right products, get expert reviews, and recognize trusted brands.
Pricing Plan: Free
Vetted streamlines shopping by providing real-time analysis and trustworthy data.

Key Features:
Price Tracking
Expert & User Reviews
Brand Recognition
Instant Product Comparison
Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Picture Vetted as your savvy shopping sidekick. It digs deep into reviews, prices, and brand credibility, ensuring you snag the best deals. Say goodbye to endless tabs and hello to smart shopping!

  1. Install the Vetted Chrome extension.
  2. Chat with Vetted for personalized recommendations.
  3. Compare products effortlessly.
  4. Make informed decisions and save time and money.
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