CHAINDESK allows you to train custom AI chatbots using your own data. No coding required! Automate functions like support, lead generation, and customer inquiries.
ID: 353
Pricing Plan: Freemium
CHAINDESK is designed for businesses seeking custom AI chatbots. Train them using your data and enhance efficiency across various tasks.

Key Features:
No-code platform for custom chatbots.
Data-driven training.
Seamless integration into your tools and website.
Automatic retraining when data changes.

Imagine having an AI assistant that learns from your data. CHAINDESK does just that! Train your chatbot effortlessly—import data, process it, and watch your bot come to life. Whether it’s answering queries or guiding users, it’s like having a helpful colleague who never takes a break.

  1. Gather your company data (from files, Notion, Google, etc.).
  2. Train Your Bot:
  3. Let CHAINDESK process and train your chatbot.
  4. Embed on Your Site:
  5. Easily add the chatbot to your website or existing tools.
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