StudyX is an all-in-one AI learning assistant providing homework help and more
Education Assistant
ID: 297
Key Benefit: Homework assistance, Writing assistance, AI chatting, Personalized learning experience
Pricing Plan: Freemium
StudyX is a comprehensive study tool designed to support college students in their homework writing. It offers a combination of AI-powered and human guidance, an intelligent editor, and a personalized homework space

Key Features:
Homework assistance
Writing assistance
AI chatting
Personalized learning experience

Ever wished for a personal AI assistant to help with your homework? Meet StudyX, your ultimate study buddy! This all-in-one AI learning assistant is designed to make your academic journey smoother. Whether you need help with homework, writing assistance, or just someone to chat about your academic challenges, StudyX is there for you. It’s not just about getting answers, it’s about understanding the process and learning smarter. With StudyX, you’re not just memorizing information, you’re understanding concepts, improving your writing skills, and becoming a better learner. So why stress over homework when you have StudyX by your side

  1. Visit the StudyX website3.
  2. Use the AI learning assistant for homework help, writing assistance, and more
  3. Use the AI chat for academic discussions
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