Spoke is a communication and workflow platform designed for teams. It connects tools like Slack, Jira, and Notion, streamlining collaboration.
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ID: 312
Key Benefit: Organizes conversations into actionable to-dos.
Pricing Plan: Free
Spoke enhances focused communication and integrates powerful workflows.

Key Features:
To-do list-style organization.
Contextual side-panel within tools.
Summaries for lengthy conversations.
Seamless integration with popular platforms.

Spoke, your communication sidekick, ensures nothing falls through the cracks. It aggregates messages, prioritizes tasks, and summarizes long threads. Whether you’re in Slack, Jira, or Notion, Spoke keeps you on top of your game.

  1. Install Spoke: Get started with Spoke.
  2. Access Side-Panel: Use Spoke as your context companion.
  3. Stay Productive: Prioritize tasks and never miss an important message.
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