SpeechGen is an AI-powered text-to-speech converter that allows you to create realistic voiceovers online for a variety of purposes.
Audio Editing
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Key Benefit: The Ultimate Text-to-Speech Solution!
Pricing Plan: Freemium
SpeechGen is a product of SpeechGen, a company that specializes in creating AI-powered tools for audio content creation.

SpeechGen is an innovative tool that assists you in creating captivating voiceovers with the power of artificial intelligence. It harnesses smart AI technology trained on a vast collection of royalty-free drum beats, functioning as your personal drummer on demand. Whether you’re a music producer, composer, or content creator, SpeechGen is a great tool to experiment with and create unique audio content.
– Key features:
* Realistic voiceovers.
* Customizable settings.
* Multi-voice editor.
* Long text support.
* Cloud system for saving/sharing files.


Text to Speech

    1. Type or paste your text.

    2. Choose a voice.

    3. Customize the voice settings.

    4. Generate the voice-over.

    5. Download the audio file.

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