Riffusion is an AI tool that generates music based on text prompts
Audio Editing
ID: 328
Key Benefit: Generates sounds for various music styles, Has filters for experimenting with results, Easily share generated music.
Pricing Plan: Free
Riffusion is a groundbreaking tool that transforms text into images and spectrograms, which are then converted into audio clips, allowing users to generate music directly from text prompts

Key Features:
Can Generate Sounds for Various Music Styles
Has Filters for Experimenting with Results
Generated Music is Easily Shared

Imagine being able to create any music you imagine with just a few keystrokes. That’s Riffusion! It’s like having a personal orchestra at your fingertips, ready to play the tunes you compose

  1. Visit the Riffusion website.
  2. Enter your text prompt.
  3. Listen to the generated music.
  4. Experiment with different prompts and filters
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