Off/Script is a community-led product creation platform that brings your product ideas to life
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Key Benefit: Community-led product creation, Profit sharing, All logistics handled by Off/Script
Pricing Plan: Freemium
Off/Script is a community-powered product creation platform that connects digital creativity with tangible product manufacturing. It empowers creators to conceptualize, share, and monetize unique product designs while Off/Script manages the funding, manufacturing, and shipping processes

Key Features:
Community-led product creation
Profit sharing
All logistics handled by Off/Script

Have a product idea but lack the resources to bring it to life? Enter Off/Script, a community-led platform that turns your concepts into reality. Off/Script is not just a platform, it’s a movement that empowers creators like you to share and monetize your unique product designs. And the best part? Off/Script handles all the logistics, from funding and manufacturing to shipping. So, all you need to do is come up with a great idea, and Off/Script will take care of the rest. Join the Off/Script community today and start bringing your product ideas to life

  1. Visit the Off/Script website
  2. Publish your product concepts on the app
  3. Gather support for your ideas
  4. Launch your 30-day campaign
  5. Let Off/Script handle the rest
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