Knowt is a free AI-powered study app that creates flashcards and practice questions from notes, videos, and slides
Education Assistant
ID: 310
Key Benefit: AI-generated flashcards, practice tests, spaced repetition, multilingual support
Pricing Plan: Free
Knowt is a comprehensive educational tool that uses AI to create flashcards and practice exercises from academic content. It’s trusted by millions of students and teachers worldwide

Key Features:
AI Flashcards creation
Practice tests
Spaced Repetition Mode
Import from Quizlet

Knowt is like having a personal AI assistant that turns your notes, videos, and slides into interactive study materials. With Knowt, studying becomes a breeze. You can focus on learning while Knowt takes care of creating flashcards and practice tests

  1. Open the Knowt app
  2. Upload your notes, videos, or slides
  3. Allow the AI to generate flashcards and practice questions
  4. Start studying with the generated materials
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