Digma is an AI-powered IDE plugin providing continuous feedback on code performance4.
Developer Tools
ID: 277
Key Benefit: Immediate issue detection, untangling of complex systems, identification of application slowdowns4.
Pricing Plan: Free
igma is a Continuous Feedback platform for developers, designed to highlight issues, regressions, and problems in your code as you code4.

Key Features:
IDE integration4
Immediate feedback on code performance4
Enhanced observability for developers4

Imagine having a personal coach while you code, pointing out potential issues and bottlenecks. That’s Digma for you! It’s an AI-powered IDE plugin that provides continuous feedback on your code performance, helping you write better, more efficient code4.

  1. Visit the Digma website4.
  2. Download the IDE plugin.
  3. Install the plugin in your IDE.
  4. Start coding and receive continuous feedback.
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