Greptile is an AI platform that understands and searches large codebases in natural language1.
Developer Tools
ID: 281
Key Benefit: Detailed coding responses, smart recommendations of related topics, internal AI developer tools1.
Pricing Plan: Free
Greptile is an AI-powered API developed by ChatGPT 4.0. It enables developers to understand and search large codebases, and build powerful internal dev tools12.

Key Features:
LLM-powered codebase Q&A1
Internal AI Developer tools1
Full codebase context1

Imagine having a personal assistant that understands your codebase as well as you do. That’s Greptile for you! It’s an AI platform that lets you chat with any codebase using their web app, VS Code plugin, or terminal using their CLI. It also allows you to build custom internal AI dev tools such as PR review bots, Slackbots, documentation updaters, and more1.

  1. Visit the Greptile website1.
  2. Obtain API key and GitHub token1.
  3. Submit repository for indexing1.
  4. Query in natural language1.
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