Provides automated assistance to enhance customer service and boost sales conversion rates.
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Key Benefit: Provides automated assistance to enhance customer service and boost sales conversion rates.
Pricing Plan: Free
Developed by Clevertar, Conversagent is an AI-powered Shopify app designed to enhance customer service and improve sales conversion rates

Key features
Automated Customer Assistance: Empower customers with round-the-clock automated assistance.
In-Context Answers: Directly answer customer queries from product pages, eliminating manual searching.
Cart Abandonment Mitigation: Engage customers with personalized content to reduce cart abandonment.
GPT-4 Powered Responses: Utilize OpenAI’s GPT-4 for tailored, context-aware responses.
Relevant Information Repository: Create a store-specific information library for accurate answers.
Data Privacy: Prioritize data privacy by not processing personal customer data.
Conversation-Based Pricing: Pricing model based on the quality of meaningful conversations.
User-Friendly Setup: Streamlined setup process with no coding requirements.

Imagine having a reliable sales assistant working round-the-clock, answering customer queries in real-time, and never missing a sale opportunity. That’s Conversagent for you! This AI-powered shopping assistant for Shopify stores is like having your own personal sales team, but without the overheads. It uses cutting-edge GPT4 technology to tailor answers from your store to each unique customer, engaging them like a human and helping them buy what they want

  1. Sign up for Conversagent on their website.
  2. Integrate it with your Shopify store.
  3. Let the AI assistant handle customer queries and boost your sales.
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