CodebaseChat is an open-source tool for creating AI-powered chatbots for GitHub repositories.
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Key Benefit: ustomized chatbots for specific codebases, easy understanding of large codebases, free alternative available
Pricing Plan: Free
CodebaseChat is an open-source tool developed by Context AI, enabling users to create AI-powered chatbots for any GitHub repository.

Key Features:
Customized chatbots for specific codebases
Easy understanding of large codebases

Ever wished for a chatbot that could answer all your queries about a specific GitHub repository? CodebaseChat makes that wish come true! It’s an open-source tool that lets you create customized, AI-powered chatbots for any GitHub repository, making it easier than ever to understand large and complex codebases.

  1. Visit the CodebaseChat website.
  2. Submit the GitHub repo’s URL.
  3. CodebaseChat will send you a file.
  4. Upload that file to OpenAI’s GPT editor.
  5. Use your chatbot to answer questions about the codebase
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