Transform text into AI-generated videos with ease, affordability, and scalability. Choose from a variety of human presenters to suit your needs. Try our free demo today.
Video Generator
ID: 91
Key Benefit: Create AI videos from text. Easy, cheap, scalable. Human presenters. Free demo.
Founder: Victor Riparbelli
Pricing Plan: Paid
Create AI videos by simply typing in text. Easy to use, cheap and scalable. Make engaging videos with human presenters — directly from your browser. Free demo.

Synthesia is an AI video creation platform that allows you to turn your text into videos in minutes with natural sounding AI voices and diverse AI avatars. You can customize your video, collaborate with your team, and integrate your videos into your favorite tools with a free account1. Synthesia uses advanced artificial intelligence to make creating engaging videos easier and quicker for businesses and professionals2. Synthesia was founded in 2017 and now has over 50,000 users1.

Key Benefits :
> Create high quality videos without a studio, actors, or equipment
> Customize your video with natural AI voices and diverse AI avatars
> Get 24/7 live chat support and API connectivity
> Choose your language, voice, and accent from over 120 options
> Enhance your cognitive abilities and synesthetic experiences

  1. Log in to your Synthesia account or create a free one
  2. Choose an avatar from over 140 AI avatars or create your own AI avatar
  3. Add a video as background or choose from the video templates
  4. Enter your script with your chosen language, voice, and accent from over 120 options
  5. Edit your video as simply as a slide-deck, no experience required
  6. You can change colors, add media, and type in headers and text
  7. Generate your video and share, download, or embed it to your website or favorite tools

I hope this helps you understand how to use Synthesia. 😊

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