Simple Uptime

Uptime monitoring and status pages solution.
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ID: 333
Key Benefit: Reliable monitoring, custom domains, status page analytics
Pricing Plan: Free
Simple Uptime tracks website availability, server resources, and domain DNS changes. It provides transparent status pages and incident notifications.

Key Features:
Heartbeats: Monitor Cron jobs.
Server Monitors: Track resource usage (CPU, Disk, RAM) on Linux servers.
Status Pages: Display monitor stats transparently.
Incidents: Get notified when monitors become unavailable.

Simple Uptime ensures your online services are up and running. It monitors websites, servers, ports, and even Cron jobs. With custom domains and multiple notification integrations, it’s a must-have for maintaining uptime

  1. Sign up on the Simple Uptime website.
  2. Add your monitors (websites, servers, etc.).
  3. Customize status pages and notifications.
  4. Stay informed about incidents and uptime.
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Simple Uptime

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