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Qlip AI is an AI-powered platform for extracting short, impactful clips from longer videos
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ID: 136
Key Benefit: Grow your social media with AI-generated clips.
Founder: Pamela Carvallo
Pricing Plan: Free Trail
Qlip AI is an innovative tool that simplifies the process of extracting impactful clips from longer videos

Key features
Qlip is an AI-powered productivity platform designed for video clipping and repurposing long videos for social media. Key features and advantages include:
AI technology: Recommends the best highlights based on machine learning that extracts semantically independent moments
Auto-edited clips: Generates clips with colors, logo, and title, ready for posting on social media, embedding, or linking
Consistent social scheduling: Automatically repurposes content to help grow your audience across social media platforms
Flexible pricing: Offers a free trial and multiple pricing plans to accommodate different user needs

Qlip AI is a game-changer in video creation. With its AI-powered platform, anyone can extract short, impactful clips from longer videos. It uses advanced algorithms to identify viral potential within conversational content while providing customizable options for subtitles and clip editing

  1. Access the Qlip AI platform.
  2. Upload your video.
  3. Let the AI identify the most impactful highlights.
  4. Customize your clips with auto-generated subtitles.
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qlip ai

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