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Key Benefit: Experience AI generated videos
Pricing Plan: Free
Plazmapunk is a pioneering tool that allows users to create music videos by leveraging generative AI technology

Key features
Generate Videos from Music using PlazmaPunk. If you want you can provide a topic for the video. Simply upload your music file or record on the spot and generate videos. If you want you can now adapt, expand, or completely change the style description.
Upload MP3 Files at least 5 seconds long.
Generate videos from an assortment of options
Change your aesthetic or give tags to the video.

Plazmapunk is revolutionizing the way we experience music. With its AI-powered platform, anyone can transform music into captivating visual experiences. It offers a wide array of video generation options, allowing you to match your music with captivating visuals effortlessly

  1. Upload your MP3 file.
  2. Choose from various video generation options.
  3. Customize the video’s aesthetic to match your music’s vibe.
  4. Add tags to fine-tune the video’s style and relevance.
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