Visla is an AI-powered platform designed for easy creation and editing of professional videos
Video Generator
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Key Benefit: Verticalize videos with AI for TikTok & more
Founder: Paul Kelsall
Pricing Plan: Contact for Pricing
Visla is an AI-powered visual content creation tool designed to help users easily create engaging graphics for various purposes

Key features
PixelForge is an AI-powered tool designed to convert horizontal YouTube videos into vertical formats for platforms like TikTok, Reels, and Shorts. Key features and advantages include:
Automated editing: Streamlines the video editing process, ensuring platform-specific requirements are met
Demo version: Allows users to test the system with a YouTube video under 40 minutes and a selected time period of less than 5 minutes
Speech detection and center framing: Enables users to select sentences to keep while maintaining the video’s total length

Visla is revolutionizing the way we create videos. With its AI-powered platform, anyone can create professional videos, regardless of their skill level. From recording to editing to sharing, Visla makes every step of the video production workflow simple and intuitive

  1. Sign up for Visla.
  2. Choose the type of video you want to create.
  3. Upload your content or use the AI Video Generator.
  4. Edit the video as needed.
  5. Share your video.
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