Phenaki is an AI tool that generates realistic videos from textual prompts
Video Generator
ID: 140
Key Benefit: A model for generating videos from text.
Pricing Plan: Free
Phenaki uses advanced AI algorithms to estimate the 3D motion of humans from 2D media data, such as images or videos

Key benefits
Phenaki is an AI model to generate videos that can be multiple minutes long straight from text. You can also generate video from a still image and a prompt. The proposed video encoder-decoder outperforms all per-frame baselines currently used in the literature in terms of spatio-temporal quality and number of tokens per video. To generate video tokens from text, they are using bidirectional masked transformer conditioned on pre-computed text tokens. The generated video tokens are subsequently de-tokenized to create the actual video.

Phenaki is revolutionizing video creation. With its AI-powered platform, anyone can generate realistic videos from textual prompts. From short clips to multi-minute stories, Phenaki makes video creation as simple as writing a script

  1. Write down your thoughts.
  2. Use Phenaki’s AI to generate a script.
  3. Proofread and change your text.
  4. Generate your video.
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