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ID: 99
Key Benefit: Unlock video content creation
Founder: Danielle Dafni
Pricing Plan: Free Trail
Peech empowers media companies with AI-driven video editing.

Key features
Peech is a revolutionary AI-based video editing and management platform designed for marketing teams. Key features and advantages include:
Generative AI: Create unlimited high-quality and engaging videos without extensive editing or design skills
Smart library: Manage content, edit video content like a document, and auto-generate subtitles with highlighted keywords
Content repurposing: Localize content for different audiences, fit aspect ratios for social media channels, and translate videos into multiple languages

Peech transforms raw video materials into branded content. Organize, categorize, and integrate branding elements seamlessly. With real-time transcription, translation, and text-to-video editing, Peech ensures your videos shine across platforms

  1. Upload Raw Footage: Let Peech analyze and tag your videos.
  2. Customize Branding: Add logos, intros, and outros.
  3. Generate Branded Videos.
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