Create movies & games from text.
Video Generator
ID: 157
Key Benefit: Create movies & games from text.
Founder: Asra Nadeem
Pricing Plan: Contact for Pricing
Opus is a generative AI video tool that repurposes long videos into shorts

Key features
Opus is a 3D creator platform that uses AI to transform words into animated images, ideal for various content creators. Key features and advantages include:
Rapid content creation: Produce high-quality projects in seconds, reducing overhead costs
AI-driven production: Streamlines the entire process from script-writing to post-production
Democratized creation: No need for technical expertise, making it accessible to all users

Opus is a revolutionary AI tool that repurposes your long videos into shorts in one click. It’s perfect for content creators and businesses

  1. Drop a video link or upload a file
  2. Let Opus’s AI generate your video
  3. Download or share directly on social media
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