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Next-gen video platform with AI-powered content search and an AI assistant.
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Key Benefit: Next-gen video platform with AI-powered content search and an AI assistant.
Founder: Antonio Roldao
Pricing Plan: Free stands out with its advanced AI-powered features, including automatic transcription, automatic closed captioning, and real-time object detection and recognition. It’s a next-generation platform designed to simplify video creation and management

Key features is an all-in-one video platform that offers a wide range of features for various use cases, such as courses and education, sales and marketing, events and conferences, and team communication.
Some of the key features include:
Video Player: A powerful, beautiful, and responsive HTML5 video and audio player.
Video Hosting: Robust, flexible, and cost-effective video and audio hosting.
Video Search: Search inside your videos for speech, text, people, and more.
Auto Transcriptions: Automatic transcriptions of your videos with editing and downloading options.
Player Customization: Add your logo, call-to-action, colors, and more.
Monetization: Monetize your content with ads.
AI-powered: Advanced AI analysis and video search capabilities.
API and Integrations: Programmatically interact with’s technology and integrate with other services.

Imagine effortlessly turning your voice into captivating videos. makes it possible! Speak into your phone, and let the AI work its magic. No design skills needed— transforms your words into visually stunning animations. Share your ideas directly on social media or with friends and family. It’s time to make your voice heard through captivating videos

  1. Download to your device.
  2. Record your voice—speak your message.
  3. Render a video—watch your words come to life in stunning animations.
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muse ai

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