Create videos from text with MOVIO's top-shelf synthetic media.
Video Generator
ID: 154
Key Benefit: Create videos from text with MOVIO's top-shelf synthetic media.
Founder: William Palmer
Pricing Plan: Freemium
Movio is an AI tool that allows users to create professional spokesperson videos from text, offering over 80+ avatars and 20+ languages

Key features
Movio is an AI video generator designed for quick and effortless professional-quality video creation. Key features and advantages include:
AI avatars: A library of 80+ diverse AI avatars with various ethnicities, styles, and accents
Multilingual support: Supports 20+ languages for lip-syncing
Customizable templates: 200+ templates, background music, and 1080P video downloads
Tutorials and demos: Helps users get started quickly and efficiently

Movio is revolutionizing video creation. With its AI capabilities, you can turn text into a professional spokesperson video in just minutes. Choose from a wide range of avatars and languages, and let Movio do the rest. It’s video creation made easy

  1. Choose your spokesperson avatar
  2. Type your script in one of the available languages
  3. Submit to generate your video
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