Meshy is a 3D AI toolkit transforming text or 2D images into 3D assets
ID: 304
Key Benefit: Effortless 3D content creation, Text-to-3D conversion, Image-to-3D transformation.
Pricing Plan: Free
Meshy is a groundbreaking AI tool designed to cater to content creators, simplifying the creation of 3D models

Key Features:
Text-to-3D conversion
Image-to-3D transformation
AI-driven texturing

Unleash your creativity with Meshy, the future of 3D content creation1. This innovative AI toolkit effortlessly transforms your text or 2D images into detailed 3D assets. Whether you’re a game developer or a digital artist, Meshy is your gateway to the exciting world of 3D content creation

  1. Visit the Meshy website1
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Choose your desired 3D asset creation method (text-to-3D or image-to-3D)
  4. Input your text or upload your image
  5. Let Meshy generate your 3D asset
  6. Download and use your new 3D asset
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