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AI host elevates live shows, saving time & money while engaging audiences.
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Key Benefit: AI host elevates live shows, saving time & money while engaging audiences.
Pricing Plan: Paid
LiveReacting AI is a revolutionary tool that enhances the experience of live streams across all industries through AI technology

Key features
LiveReacting is an AI-powered platform designed to enhance live streaming experiences with interactive and engaging features. Key features and advantages include:
Virtual AI host: Automates live shows without the need for a human host
Interactive games: Add trivia, word searches, wordict games, and last comment wins games to your show
Customization: Personalize the AI host with custom avatars and support for multiple languages
Free during beta: Stream to up to 20 destinations while in the beta version

LiveReacting AI is a game-changer in the world of live streaming. It’s an AI host that understands the context of your live show in seconds and acts accordingly like a pro1. Whether you’re an educational institution, an influencer promoting a product, or a small pub owner who loves hosting quizzes, LiveReacting has you covered1. It’s like having a professional host at your fingertips, making your live show engaging, fun, and modern

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  2. Choose your live show context
  3. Let the AI host take over
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LiveReacting AI

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