imagix is an AI-powered tool that provides automatic image optimization and compression services.
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Key Benefit: Automatic image optimization and compression, high accuracy, and more.
Founder: Nikhil Verma
Pricing Plan: Contact for Pricing
imagix is a product of imagix, a company that specializes in creating AI-powered tools for image content creation.

– Key features:
* Automatic image optimization and compression.
* High accuracy.
* Customizable settings.
* Easy-to-use interface.

imagix is a powerful and intuitive tool that enables you to optimize and compress images in real-time. With features like automatic image optimization and compression, high accuracy, and more, imagix makes it easy to create engaging and personalized image content. Whether you’re a content creator, marketer, or educator, imagix is your go-to solution for creating high-quality image content.

  1. Upload your image file.
  2. Choose your target format.
  3. Customize the settings.
  4. Optimize and compress the image.
  5. Download the processed image file.
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