Business videos with custom avatars & voiceovers.
Video Generator
ID: 119
Key Benefit: Business videos with custom avatars & voiceovers.
Founder: Joshua Xu Wayne Liang
Pricing Plan: Freemium
HeyGen streamlines video creation by turning text prompts into talking videos.

HeyGen is an AI-powered video generation platform that enables businesses to create engaging videos with generative AI. It caters to various use cases such as marketing, sales, training, onboarding, and news.

Key features
Generative AI Video Generation: Create engaging videos using the power of generative AI technology.
Personalized Avatars: Customize avatars or choose from a diverse range of pre-existing ones.
Lip-Syncing with Realistic Voices: Achieve realistic lip-syncing with over 300 voices available in 40+ languages.
Text-to-Video Conversion: Convert text or scripts into professional videos in minutes.
Customization Options: Customize avatars, incorporate multi-scenes, add background music, and apply creative styles.
High-Definition Video Downloads: Download videos in 1080P resolution for professional use.
Unlimited Downloads: Enjoy unlimited downloads of videos created with HeyGen.

  1. Avatar Selection Choose an AI avatar or create your own.
  2. Voice SelectionPick a high-quality voice or record your own.
  3. Template or Custom Start with a template or create from scratch.
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