AI-Powered Platform for Effortless Video Documentation & Guides Creation.
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Key Benefit: AI-Powered Platform for Effortless Video Documentation & Guides Creation.
Founder: Agnes Baden-Powell
Pricing Plan: Freemium
Guidde’s AI follows your every move and click during screen recording, creating detailed guides matching your keystrokes. It’s ideal for training, onboarding, and customer support

Key features
Guidde is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses create step-by-step video documentation and documents for various purposes such as training, onboarding, and customer support. Key features and advantages include:
Workflow capture: Users can capture their workflow, and the AI tool will generate a step-by-step description of the process and voiceover.
Personalization: Users can select from over 100 different voices and languages to personalize their video documentation.
Visual editor: Guidde offers an editor where users can design visually appealing visuals without the need for design skills.
Easy sharing: The platform allows for easy sharing through links or embeds within an organization.
Scalability: Guidde’s unique features enable businesses to scale their support operations without sacrificing quality by creating step-by-step guides for sophisticated scenarios.

Guidde magically produces high-quality video documentation with minimal effort. Whether you’re explaining software features, creating SOPs, or answering FAQs, Guidde’s AI captures your actions and turns them into informative videos

  1. Install Extension: Add Guidde’s browser extension.
  2. Record Workflow: Demonstrate the task you want to document.
  3. Generate Guide: Guidde creates a step-by-step video with voiceover and visuals.
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