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Passport to information with global news and community.
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Key Benefit: Explore news, share viewpoints, build community.
Pricing Plan: Free
Gnomi empowers users to stay informed and contribute to global conversations. It offers news from 20 countries in 10 languages.

Key Features:
News & Top Stories: Access timely news from 20 countries.
Conversations & Community: Stay updated and share your views.
Rankings & Analytics: Track your performance globally.

Gnomi is your passport to knowledge. Discover news, engage with friends, and explore related content. Whether you’re a news enthusiast or a content creator, Gnomi connects you to a diverse global community.

  1. Download the Gnomi app.
  2. Explore news, join conversations, and personalize your feed.
  3. Rank globally and contribute to informed discussions.
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Gnomi App

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