CustomGPT lets you create personalized chatbots using your own business content.
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Key Benefit: Increased efficiency. Improved customer experience. Competitive advantage. Accurate GPT-4 answers without hallucinations.
Pricing Plan: Paid leverages OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology to generate accurate responses based on your content. It’s a privacy-first, no-code platform.

Key Features:
No-code setup: Ingest content seamlessly.
Powered by GPT-4 API: Accurate responses without hallucinations.
Deploy your custom bot: Embed it on your website or integrate it into workflows. empowers businesses to craft personalized chatbots effortlessly. By ingesting your company’s documents and content, it creates sophisticated chatbot systems tailored to your unique needs.

  1. Sign Up: Start a free trial on the website.
  2. Ingest Content: Use the no-code integration or upload your files.
  3. Get Responses: Receive GPT-4-powered answers based on your data.
  4. Embed or Integrate: Put your custom chatbot to work!
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