AI LMS By Coursebox

AI LMS by Coursebox is the #1 AI-driven Learning Management System (LMS) that converts files into courses in minutes. It offers automated AI grading, chatbots
ID: 351
Key Benefit: Key Benefits: Branded learning platform & mobile app Instant AI grading and feedback
Pricing Plan: Paid
Coursebox revolutionizes e-learning with AI. It streamlines course creation, assessment, and engagement. Say goodbye to manual grading and hello to personalized learning

Key Features:
Convert files into courses
AI chatbots for learner support
Automated grading with editable rubrics
White-label branding
Course monetization
AI course designer
Mobile app support

Imagine an LMS that transforms your existing videos, documents, and websites into engaging courses. AI chatbots provide real-time assistance, while automated grading ensures instant feedback. Plus, you can brand your platform, sell courses, and issue certificates effortlessly

  1. Sign up for Coursebox.
  2. Convert your existing content into courses.
  3. Customize your platform’s branding.
  4. Set prices for courses or subscriptions.
  5. Engage learners with AI chatbots.
  6. Issue certificates automatically.
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AI LMS By Coursebox

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